Pasek do zegarka CASIO W-800H, W-800HG

Producent: CASIO

  • 35,00
  • dostępny
  • Dostawa gratis przy wpłacie na konto
Nr katalogowy: 10268612
Materiał: guma
Kolor: Czarny
Klamerka: tworzywo
Szerokość mocowania: 18mm
Szerokość paska: 24,5mm
Bransoleta/Pasek: Pasek, Gumowy
  • Autor: Hany, Ocena: 5, W dniu: 27.05.2014

    This watch looks good and is easy to set up. The use of lcd's as a second hand is very clveer. The drawback with this is that they are very hard to read even in bright light. I would recommend that the maker change the color of the lcd's for the second hand or use another medium to make them readable.Overall, for the price, this watch has functions and looks that make it a good buy.

Opis produktu

Oryginalny Pasek do Zegarka Casio.
Pasek gumowy, wodoodporny, czarny.


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